Karen CarpenterRainy days and Mondays always get me down, as Karen Carpenter, pictured, sang, after a holiday in Scotland no doubt.

We all have bad days. Days when we don’t really feel like it. No energy. No confidence. Or we’ve just had a spat with our partner about a major issue of global import, like why don’t you ever empty the dish washer I hate you aarrgghh…

That’s where affirmations come in. An affirmation is a positive statement in the present tense that you believe. They say it’s best to assume the goal has been achieved in the affirmation.

“I am the greatest.” – Muhammad Ali. He said this before he was the greatest. When he was. And afterwards as well. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t always true. What matters was he thought it was true. It worked for him.

Affirmations are a bit American…like believing in yourself, success and being a superpower. Don’t knock it.

Why do affirmations work? There’s a lot of stuff going on in our heads that limits us. It’s probably a remnant from cave man and cave lady days when it was not a good idea to  leave the cave unless you had to, for food or to find a mate, or get a club to deal with your existing mate. You didn’t go for a walk on the Savannah in 25,000BC for the sheer joy of experiencing a sunny day. No.

This stuff in our minds is called negative self-talk. “I cannot do this.” “This is not for me.” “Who am I to be able to aspire to this.” “I am not worthy.”

Maybe some of it is put there by conditioning. By what you’ve been told. Over and over. Since you were a nipper. Who knows. But it’s all a barrier. Most days we’ll ignore it. But some days maybe it gets to us.

That’s where affirmations come in. They replace the negative self-talk with positive self-talk .

So I had lots of affirmations. “I am financially free.” “I weigh 12 stones.” “I have 75 customers.” The problem with doing affirmations this way, where you imagine the desired goal as having been achieved, is that it doesn’t ring true for me. I am not financially free (yet). I don’t weight 12 stone (yet). I don’t have 75 customers (yet).

I just couldn’t believe the statements.

So I changed the way I wrote affirmations. I introduced the idea of being on a journey. Of being in the process of realising the goal. I am on my way to financial freedom. I am on my way to 12 stone. I am on my way to 75 customers.

This works for me.

So I say the affirmations every morning. And it’s up to me to live up to them. To do what I need to do to make them come true. I am on my way to financial freedom. I can make that true by using the day to move a little closer to getting there. Or I can let the rainy day or Monday get me down. No chance.

I was inspired to write this Pearl by an email I received from Ted Nicholas, He’s an American copyrighter and direct mail expert. His site is a bit cheesy, but that’s just style. Don’t let that stop you from extracting the huge value that resides therein, if you’re interested in effective marketing.

Ted inspired me by sending me a copy of his affirmations. They are brilliant. Spot on.

No 8 is a cracker – “I cannot fail – only get results.”

As is no 17 “I am what I learn.”

Get them all here – 21 Personal Affirmations

I have stolen some of them and added them to my list because they ring true to me.

Thanks Ted.

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  1. Richard Dawson June 21, 2010 at 3:11 pm #

    This is so true Mark and you do need to ‘reset’ yourself regularly as the old software can be a bit unreliable.

  2. Mark Nugent June 21, 2010 at 4:49 pm #

    Strangely I also find singing at the top of my voice in the car very uplifting, but affirmations are better…

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