…is the subject of this week’s Pearl of Leadership Wisdom.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde

Your attitude is your choice.

It might be a choice you made some time ago, some years ago. But it is a choice none the less. Your environment played a big part, the people you knew, your upbringing. But it’s still a choice.

And it’s critical…

…because it defines how you behave. And your behaviour defines your results. And your results deliver your goals. Attitude is that critical.

I don’t see many…

…cynical, negative, inward-focused success stories walking around. Do You? Well maybe Mr Burns in the Simpsons.

Some people make a habit out of a bad attitude. Make a career out of it. It appears that the bulk of journalists, although smart, have chosen to adopt an attitude of great cynicism where everything is either black or white, and usually black. And this willful, knowing distortion is packaged up and pumped out through all media 24/7. Great names like Humphreys and Paxman are lauded. But they don’t seek to inform which is the key role of journalism. They seek to embarrass by finding and picking at ultimately trivial detail.

I don’t read…

… newspapers anymore. But I am interested, of course. So I read the Economist because it seeks to understand and inform and has a fundamental belief that humans can and will sort things out. Faith in humanity – what a great attitude.

Women – Know Your Limits!

Remember the Harry Enfield sketch – “Women – Know Your Limits!” We laugh, but most people do know their limits. Or what they think are their limits. Some people have a firmer grip on what they cannot do than what they can. And the more they know their limits the lower they seem to be. These are barriers. The ones in your heads of course are the real ones.

If you think…

… you’ll lose, you’re right. If you think you’ll win, you’re right.

Destroy all BMWs…

You should manage and lead your attitude. You should use it positively, hold it to account, give it standards to aspire to and hit it with a stick when it lets you down. Do a daily attitude health check. Be on the watch for all bad thinking; placing blame on external factors; toxic thinking in your environment, and self-pity – this is the self-indulgence of the loser.

Expell all Bitchers, Moaners and Whiners from your life. Don’t let these elements pollute your attitude and hold you back. Demand more of your own attitude. Demand it! Your attitude is a choice. Choose a good one and have zero-tolerance for those who choose otherwise.


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