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ennis, mcilroy and button sitting on a sofa

Ennis, Button and McIlroy on Goals

Jennifer Ennis (2012 Olympics heptathlon gold gong), Rory McIlroy (golf – two majors) and Jensen Button (2009 Formula 1 world champion) are all British sporty types who are quite good. (I think golf is a sport but I wonder because I play it…) They’re all working for the man in the form of Santander (big bank), […]

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Narcissus looking into the pool

Do You Ever Behave Like Narcissus?

I was loading the bikes onto the car the other day when my neighbour said something to me over the fence about something her son had done. I won’t go into the details. They don’t matter. I said that I had done something very similar when I was that age, but worse. This changed the […]

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How to Make Your Practice Perfect

I remember the first promotional video I ever made. It was to promote a one day event I used to run called the Business Growth Workshop. The video was about two minutes long and took me a whole day to do. I had no script. As soon as I looked into the camera’s dead black […]

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How to Tell if You’ll Achieve that Goal You’ve Got

Goal setting can work but it often doesn’t. The problem with goal setting is the goal is in the future and it seems that between today and the future there is an ocean of hard work and toil. This is not motivational. It just isn’t.    To hack through this ocean of hard work and […]

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My Favourite Organisational Stupidities

So many to choose from. Here are some of my favourites. Brainstorming Brainstorming simply doesn’t work as advertised.   Researchers at Yale in 1958 pitted 12 groups of 4 undergraduates against 48 undergraduates who worked by themselves. They were given puzzles to solve. The solo students developed twice as many solutions as the brainstorming groups […]

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The Fall and Rise of Manchester United

Manchester United is a successful football team who won the league in 2013 and quite a few times before that. And lots of shiny trophies as well. Over the summer… …they changed their manager of 27 years (Sir Alex Ferguson – SAF) and their CEO. They then managed to not sign any new players over […]

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image of children playing the Marshmallow Challenge

Would You Win the Marshmallow Challenge? Probably not.

Some guy called Peter Skillman has been conducting the Marshmallow Challenge for years. I think he’s some kind of design guru. He says the challenge is about learning how to design stuff, but this applies widely, from designing a phone to organisational design…I think it’s just about getting things done with other people. Your objective […]

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2014 – How to make it great.

Happy New Year to you. I’ve got six years of self-employed-dom behind me now. And it has changed me. For the better. Every year has been better than the last and the terrors of the early years are gone… I don’t do the New Year’s resolution thing as I know futility when I see it. […]

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And that was the year that was 2013…

I am going to do something that seems spectacularly self-absorbed. I am going to review the last twelve months of my own blog. OK, maybe not review, maybe sieve it for the real dozen or so nuggets that resonated with my readers the most and still seem super-important to me despite the passing months.    So […]

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The Reason Why Wee Companies Often Stay That Way

I stumble into Gastronomy on Hale Road a week past Friday for a meeting with a friend. It’s 9am on a working day so of course the café is rammed because hey who works these days? The conversation makes me think about all the clients I never had. The ones I spoke to but the […]

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