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image of IBM mainframe computer

Why You Mustn’t Stop Thinking

  My Dad worked for IBM in Greenock, Scotchland. He was an engineer. IBM held open days where the employees could take their families for a nosey. It was great. I remember two things in particular… First was the mainframe computers themselves. Massive beasts – eight feet high and four across, in strangely cool rooms. […]

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sign saying no speed limit

What’s Your Speed Limit?

There has been some gnashing of teeth recently amongst the particle physics mob. They were sending neutrinos to each other through the earth (is that safe?) and they noticed that some of the little blighters appeared to be arriving before they should. They’re supposed to travel at the speed of light. And they’re arriving early. […]

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image of worried man

What! No Plan for 2012! Read This Now!

Seven working days left in January. Seven. It’s later than you think.   I do my annual planning in January because December is too busy with clients and clearing up after the long year. But there’s a danger in this. In January, after a good break, I feel a huge desire to “get back to […]

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Everything You Need for 2012 is Here

Last week I told you all about my Plan for 2012. I’ve been speaking to quite a few people about it over the course of the last week. I’ve realised that I used quite a few tools, techniques and mental skills that not everyone is confident in using. And yet more of these tools, techniques […]

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My 2012 Prep – Best Ever by Miles

I did an interesting exercise the other day. I wrote a list of all my accomplishments. I was thoughtful. I focused on what really matters. I started way back when I was a schoolboy. I wrote them all down. I was surprised by how many there were. It took a wee while. I don’t say […]

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What I Learned in 2011

That’s my fourth year of self-employment chalked up. I have had ups and downs but I am more confident today about the future than I have ever been. The potential is massive and fortune favours the brave. As always, I ask myself what I have learned. I never did this in corporate life. But I’m […]

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What Drives Your Decisions – Pain or Gain?

I’ve just thrown a book across the room. I will not finish it. It is obvious, superficial rubbish. I thought it would be better. I persevered. Really I did. I got almost half way through before it all became too much and I threw the book across the room. I felt faintly embarrassed, even although […]

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What Steve Jobs Taught Me

I’ve just finished reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs (Santa – take note – I have read it). It’s an authorised biography but neither Jobs nor anyone else had any editorial control, or even any foresight. Jobs predicted he’d read it a few years after it came out. That’s not going to happen. Let’s […]

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When It’s Good To Externalise

I’m forever banging on about “not externalising”. And I’m usually right to do so. It usually isn’t good to externalise – to blame events, other people or circumstances for your results. This is bad. It’s a victim mindset and leads to even more bad results. Internalising is the thing to do – asking yourself what […]

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How To Be Resilient

One of the differentiating characteristics of high performers is the way they react to setbacks and failures. This is important because setbacks and failures will and should happen as the only sure way to avoid them is to stay so far inside your comfort zone that you achieve nothing anyway and that in itself is […]

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