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How To Stop Making It Up As You Go Along

It was 1991… I drove across the M62 for a job interview. If I got the job it would be my pass out of the lab and into the glittering commercial world. A senior buyer. For ICI Pharmecauticals, now AstraZeneca. I had a PhD in chemistry and 3 years lab experience. I was a shoo-in […]

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What I Learned in 2011

That’s my fourth year of self-employment chalked up. I have had ups and downs but I am more confident today about the future than I have ever been. The potential is massive and fortune favours the brave. As always, I ask myself what I have learned. I never did this in corporate life. But I’m […]

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What Steve Jobs Taught Me

I’ve just finished reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs (Santa – take note – I have read it). It’s an authorised biography but neither Jobs nor anyone else had any editorial control, or even any foresight. Jobs predicted he’d read it a few years after it came out. That’s not going to happen. Let’s […]

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Who’s Stealing Your Energy?

The energy you have to spend on what you want to do today and in the future is the total energy you generate minus the amount that’s lost to the dreaded energy suckers. Let’s start on the supply side… You do generate energy, quite literally. Of course we are not aware of this happening so […]

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Why Is Time Management So Easy For This Guy?

There’s this guy I know. I’ve known him for about 8 years. He can be a bit immature sometimes. But most of the time he’s really impressive. He finds time management, or personal productivity, really easy. For him it is not a discipline, or a chore, or any such hard work. He just flows. He […]

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Stop Thinking About That

There shouldn’t be lots of stuff on your mind. Having lots of stuff on your mind is like having someone tug your sleeve every 3 minutes. The only thing that should be on your mind is the stuff you’re doing right now – the stuff that’s right in front of you. You should be “present”, […]

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Speed of Implementation

The success of a venture, from the smallest marketing idea to an entire new business venture, depends on a lot of things, of course. One of them is speed of implementation. Simply getting out there and doing whatever needs to be done quickly is of critical importance.  There is only so much you can do […]

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Do You Make Good Decisions?

We all make decisions all the time. And we are very rational. Are we not? We make rational decisions. This is called utility maximisation by economists. Economics is not called the dismal science for nothing you know. This is how we make decisions: we look at all our options and we decide the relative likelihood […]

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Be A Blockhead

It’s amazing when you first become self-employed. There’s lots of time. The days are long. This is not because you have nothing to do. It is because you have no trivia to do. The trivia has not had a chance to build up. All the emails, voicemails, post-it notes and things on lists. I got […]

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DIY 360⁰ Feedback

A short Pearl this week as I’m off hitting some golf balls in the gorgeous Ayrshire countryside. Ah Ayrshire…birthplace of Robert Burns. “Oh wad some power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!” He’s clearly talking about 360⁰ FEEDBACK. This is the process whereby your leadership skills are assessed by all […]

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