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Do You Make Good Decisions?

We all make decisions all the time. And we are very rational. Are we not? We make rational decisions. This is called utility maximisation by economists. Economics is not called the dismal science for nothing you know. This is how we make decisions: we look at all our options and we decide the relative likelihood […]

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What’s Your Big Skill? – 3 Tests

I used to watch a man with an impressive title work a room full of clients. He could get round the room of fifty or so people in considerably less than an hour. He would approach a small group of people and stick out his hand, identify himself and say “what do you do?” Great […]

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Wanna buy a fake Rolex?

I was watching Saturday Kitchen on Saturday (yes) and I noticed that the presenter, James Martin, was wearing a polo shirt with that wee crocodile logo on it. One minute on Google tells me it’s Lacoste. As I write this I remember a television series he did where he drove around the UK visiting various […]

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Do You Focus on Strengths or Weaknesses?

I think it was Winston Churchill who said “I am easily satisfied with the very best”.  I wonder if we always strive to deliver the very best to our clients. I wonder. Because to do so requires an unbelievable laser-like focus on their fears and frustrations, needs and desires, to the exclusion of all else. […]

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Marketing Advice from Waitrose

A few months back I bought some wine from Waitrose via the web. It was my first time using their delivery service, run by a company called Ocado. I bought this wine because I have visited the maker in France, it’s good, inexpensive, Waitrose were offering 20% off first time on-line orders and Ocado were […]

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Twitter for Marketing

Hello, I’m taking a few days off with the family as it’s half-term, but wanted to get you something anyway. I’m picking up new readers everyday for this blog through Twitter and I almost never tweet! I have set a goal to understand and test Twitter for it’s ability to help me market my business. […]

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Marketing Control – you’ve got one, right?

Every small business should have a marketing control. What’s a marketing control? It is a reproducible means of gathering new customers where the investment and the return it produces are both known. It works constantly over time. It is reliable and always produces the same result, give or take. Then the fun starts. You try […]

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Are We More Connected Than Ever?

A quick one this week as I’m on hols. An interesting thing happened after last week’s post. You might recall I mentioned Grapple Mobile who seem close to selling their business for £15m after 7 months in business  – see here I thought they exemplified some best practice in terms of business strategy execution. Well […]

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£15m in 7 months?

A great story in yesterday’s Sunday Times… One Jamie True, who is 35 and nauseatingly good looking, and his 24 year old CEO Alistair Crane, are set to sell their company, Grapple Mobile, for more than £15m. They have received many unsolicited bids. The company was set up 7 months ago. They make Apps (mobile […]

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Does Buying Data Work?

I’ve often wondered about this, so I bought some. A list of 1300 senior business people, in organisations of up to 100 people, in various industry sectors, across the NorthWest. With email addresses. These people are my target market segment, for part of my business. I emailed them. I was marketing my Business Growth Workshop. […]

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