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What Do You Think About?

We tend to think about one of three things most of the time (and sex of course). We can think about… Things There are some people who are really into stuff. I’ve had periods of this. I guess I felt it most strongly when I was 19 or so and I had to have a […]

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Approval Needed

In the UK we have these DIY checkouts in the supermarket. You may have them too. They are fully functional checkouts were you can scan your own items (beep!!) and beat the queues. I love the beep. But the whole process makes me feel bad for two reasons: Reason 1 I am depriving a fellow […]

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Into the Jaws of Death

I tried to write about the 70th anniversary of D-Day before the actual anniversary itself a week past Friday. Well I managed it but frankly dear reader I did not foist it upon you. It was muddled, incoherent, meandering. More than usual. So I am having another go. And if you are reading this then […]

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What Would Happen If You Threw All Your Stuff Away?

It isn’t every day I stumble across a website that I immediately read from cover to cover. Let me go back. I have too much stuff. Things. Material stuff. And I have a hell of a lot less than most people I know. I only have one junk drawer for example. Some people have junk […]

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How to Keep the Monkey Off Your Back

I work from home. I’d say on average someone knocks on my door twice per day. And you know what, they are never looking to do some of my work for me for free nor are they trying to give me some of their money. I’ve stopped answering the door now. They knock again. They […]

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Why does she give you critical feedback?

She gives you feedback that you find uncomfortable (she finds it so too, but she overcomes her discomfort of it for you) because… She tries to help you see what you are capable of because… She tries to help you see the opportunity you have and all that you can be because… She sends you […]

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Performance = Potential – Friction

Being a high performer is a good thing. It gives you more options in life.  Your performance is your potential minus your friction. So, to increase your performance you can either increase your potential or decrease your friction. Increase Your Potential? You can try to change your genetically given talent. Good luck with that. You […]

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Diana Hyad swimming from Florida to Cuba without a shark cage, aged 64

How Old Is Too Old?

I turned fifty in March. I am doing lots of new business stuff that is hard, distracts from the core and may take a good few years to come good but may never come good. In a moment of weakness recently I got frightened. I got a really strong feeling that I was doing the […]

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Can You Be Happy for 100 Days in a Row?

I came across a website asking this question. I’ll link to it at the bottom. The site says this: We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to […]

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Your Focus: Past and Present? Or Future? This Will Define You.

Press the play button in the middle of the pic below to see the video… Thanks to Philip Zimbardo for the insight. 

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