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image of smiling rabbitLast week I told you all about my Plan for 2012. I’ve been speaking to quite a few people about it over the course of the last week. I’ve realised that I used quite a few tools, techniques and mental skills that not everyone is confident in using. And yet more of these tools, techniques and mental skills will be required to make it all happen over the next 12 months. So I’ve put them all here, in one simple to digest, tasty blog post.

There’s twelve in total. Let’s call them levers because a lever is something that allows you to focus your effort in a very efficient way with little or no wastage and this is what all twelve will do for you.

You may not need all the levers. But all the levers you need are here. I reckon you can learn how to use one in a week. That means you can make all of them a part of who you are and what you do by Easter.

This is it. We are in the second half of January already. Now is the time. You have nothing to lose. Nothing.

I have suggested the order in which you approach each lever, but it’s just a suggestion.

So here’s goes…

Lever 1 – Get a Purpose

Why? – Purpose is the source of all motivation. Without it you have no purpose. Obvious really.

Here’s how to work out what yours is – http://drmarknugent.com/time-management-is-easy/

Lever 2 – Set Great Goals

Why? – If you don’t know by now…  

Here’s how – http://drmarknugent.com/goal-setting/

Lever 3 – Triple Your Productivity

Why? – despite the arrival of the internet, and imbecilic books like the Four Hour Work Week, winners still work like dogs. Same as it ever was. Talent is not enough.

Here’s how – http://drmarknugent.com/how-to-define-high-payoff-activities/ or watch the VIDEO http://drmarknugent.com/video01/

Lever 4 – Do What You Hate

Why? – Because if you procrastinate on important stuff you are destined for mediocrity. Sorry about that.

Here’s how – http://drmarknugent.com/time-management-for-dummies/

Lever 5 – Manage Distraction

Why? – Because if you don’t you will be distracted and then where will you be?

Here’s how (VIDEO) – http://drmarknugent.com/video02/

Lever 6 – Be Present

Why? – You cannot do your best if you are not here, in the room, paying attention.

Here’s how – http://drmarknugent.com/present-and-correct/

Lever 7 – Know Who You Are

Why? – If what you want to do, be or get is not part of your identity, it either won’t happen or it won’t last. (See lottery winners.)

Here’s how (VIDEO) – http://drmarknugent.com/video03/

Lever 8 – Be Assertive

Why? – It’s what adults do. (The alternatives to assertiveness are what children do. They are safe for children but toxic when done by adults).  

Here’s how – http://drmarknugent.com/are-you-assertive/

Lever 9 – Manage Your Emotions

Why? – If you don’t they will manage you, and people will think you are undeveloped, because you are.  

Here’s how – http://drmarknugent.com/easy-as-abc/

Lever 10 – Be Self-Efficacious  

Why? – Because if you’re not your feet will stick to the ground.

Here’s how – http://drmarknugent.com/self-efficacy/

Lever 11 – Be Resilient

Why? – Because you will get results you don’t want and how you react to that matters…a lot lot lot.

Here’s how – http://drmarknugent.com/how-to-be-resilient/

Lever 12 – Conquer Fear

Why? – The perennial slayer of human potential…draw your sword for a fight to the death.

Here’s how – http://drmarknugent.com/whats-in-it-for-me/ and http://drmarknugent.com/i-love-failure/


That’s it.

Rock solid good stuff that works every day of the week and has been the foundation of greatness since the earth’s crust solidified. It’s not easy but neither is it difficult.

So, if you haven’t already, sell your TV on eBay, give up the booze two days a week as the government recommends and put an hour in your diary every Monday to study one of the levers and put it into practice.

By Easter, you will be a very happy bunny.    

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