Getting Some Help

This week’s Pearl of Leadership Wisdom is on Getting Some Help.
“The same things win. It doesn’t matter where you coach them. The game’s the same.”Mike DuBose
I have an accountant for my accounts, a golfer for my golf swing, an investor for my investments, a trader for my trades and my wife to tell me where I’m going wrong…
They all help, in their way…
Some have hard skills; some soft. But they all help.
But more than this…
I have Drayton Bird to help me with marketing. I have Michael Porter to help me with strategy. I have a man to help me with changing my business model. I have another to help me with internet marketing. I have Mr X to coach me (that’s not his real name – that would be weird).
There are literally dozens more. Dozens. I pay all of these people, one way or another. Some I have never met, but they still help me.
I have no ego…
Not when it comes to seeking help. Help with my business. And with managing me.
Anyone who spends their time re-inventing wheels is nuts.
This is a call-to-action. Get some help.
You may think…
…this Pearl is self-serving. That I am touting for business. I’m not. I actually believe this stuff. If you’re not convinced, ask yourself this as you try to re-invent the wheel: as a manager grows and becomes more successful, do you think he or she, in general, makes more or less use of coaches and mentors?
It’s more. Fact.
I have spent…
…many thousands of pounds of my own money in the last year alone on coaches and mentors. I’d like to spend more. The return on investment will be at least 50 times the spend and possibly a lot more. But it’s up to me to take the massive action required. I am and will.
Ask a professional athlete to imagine life without a coach. They will look at you as if you are stupid.
They cannot imagine it.
A teacher – someone who shows you how to do something. They have a skill to impart to you.
A coach – someone to help you realise your potential. They may not be better at the activity than you, but that’s not the point.
A mentor – someone who has done what you want to do and can show you the way. Like satnav for your aspiration.
Some people think asking for help is a sign of failure. No. Not asking is a guarantor of failure. People will read a manual on how to work the telly, but they won’t read a manual on how to run their business, or themselves.
Any colour, as long as it’s black…
Even if you do reinvent that wheel, and it doesn’t take too long, you still have to re-invent the engine, and the tyres, and everything else. And once you’ve done all that, you have something that looks like a crap version of Henry Ford’s 1896 classic Quadracycle.
But we’re living in 2010.

Get some help.

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