High Performance

What is High Performance Coaching?

My coaching focuses on the effective use of the current best practice tools and techniques in management and leadership which I combine with the latest thinking on the role that psychology plays in success.

With this focus, I help my clients attain and sustain a higher level of performance giving them a more rewarding and fulfilling career and life.  

Four criteria are essential to a successful coaching programme –  

  • The potential client has a very strong desire to make a change of some sort, 
  • The potential client or the people they want me to work with are open to being coached (a minority of people are uncoachable),
  • I can help them with their specific issue (sometimes I cannot – if this is the case I’ll say so), and
  • The potential client likes me and feels they can trust me.  

With ticks in each of these four boxes, there is a very good chance of making real and lasting progress. With even one tick missing, there is no point in continuing as failure is certain. 

What does a typical coaching programme look like?

I work within my client’s organisation on a one-to-one and group basis, as required. All programmes are tailored to the specific needs of the client.  

Each individual programme will have clearly agreed outcomes from the start. A programme may involve 4 to 8 sessions of between 1 and 2 hours (if one-to-one) or 2 and 4 hours (if group based). I will have a preparatory phone conversation with the participant or the group leader approximately one week before the session. The session itself will focus on the issue identified beforehand and will involve defining what the desired outcome is and how to make it happen. Of course this can involve discussions around tools, techniques, mindset, behaviours and barriers. There will be clear goal-setting and a commitment to action by the participant(s).

I follow up each session with a detailed coaching note which documents the decisions made, the agreed actions and any further insights I have upon reflecting after the meeting. My clients tell me this is unusual and that they find these notes very useful indeed.

2 Responses to High Performance

  1. Heather Osborne December 16, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

    Hello Mark,

    I attended your workshop on ‘Why Time Managment Doesnt Work’ at the DCS Winter Fare in Manchester a few weeks ago. It gave me lots to think about and I came away and tried out your suggestions and my god hasn’t it made a difference! Everyone in my office keeps coming in and looking for all the piles of paper, which are now all filed in my brought forward for the diaried times I am working on them and I am getting through the things I need to at a rapid pace, leaving me feeling much more efficient.

    Your coaching looks very interesting although I think if a 1.5 hour workshop can have this much impact 4 – 8 coaching sessions might blow my mind! Thanks for the tips they really do work.

    • Mark Nugent December 16, 2013 at 5:18 pm #

      Thanks Heather. Ten out of ten to you for taking action. You are a star!

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