How To Coach Yourself

I hate to admit this but a month or so ago I got myself a bit log-jammed. I mean I couldn’t decide what I should be doing in my work. I don’t mean I had a bad afternoon. Or a unfocused day.

This lasted for days. More days than I care to admit to. Quite frightening really.

During which time I messed around. I shuffled some papers. I did all the easy stuff.

I had three big objectives yet I couldn’t knuckle down to any of them. So I did nothing (of importance). I am quite shocked at this because I should, and do, know better. But the logjam happened none the less. Like a football player losing form. I guess it can happen to the best of us.

“Physician, heal thyself” I can hear you all bellow.

Fair comment. So I did. And this is how I did it:

I coached myself. Well I’m supposed to be a coach so I coached myself.

I took myself through a classic coaching process coupled with some extra bits that work and some stuff from goal-setting best practice.

What was important was I gave myself the time to go through the entire process. It was like a system reboot. It wiped clean my confused and addled brain. I was like new.

I’ve put the process into a Word doc for you HOW TO COACH YOURSELF.

If you’re feeling a bit log-jammed, frustrated and feeling as if you’re not really focusing on the most important stuff, have a look at the document. But you’ll need at least 30 minutes, maybe a bit longer. But it could well be the best thing to do right now.

It really worked for me. The process got me to focus on priority number one (funnily enough, not the one I thought it was), and define and take the first step. And a lot more.

So I’ve now got a major goal achieved and I’m just about to start on the next one. The logs are all flowing down the river again.

Coaching – I love it.

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