Is Your Work Scary?

CaptureI sat down last night and tried to jam all my high payoff activities into my diary and they wouldn’t fit.

There’s a lot on.

I’m just putting the finishing touches to my first online programme. I’m going to launch it soon. No really. I have to say I am a bit nervous about this. It’s a bit scary.

I have procrastinated about this launch. And I got an attack of perfectionism, something I thought I’d killed a long time ago. Perfectionism is, of course, a super virulent form of procrastination.  

The chances are the programme will be good and well received and then I can develop it further and so it will go on.

But I am a bit scared.

I guess I’m scared that no one will buy it. I mean no one. Not a soul. If that happens I’ll just pretend I sold a tonne of them and move to the Pitcairn Islands where they better not have the internet.

I’m also writing a series of Kindle books. Not tomes. Short, sharp pithy books that will sell for a few quid. This is a bit scary as well. There’s lots to do and master.

And there’s something else I’m doing that should be big big big but requires a number of things to fall into place and that’s up to me. Fall into place they almost certainly will but none the less it’s all a bit scary. A bit pressured.

Seth Godin talks about “doing the scary work.”

He means that to move forward, to create, to produce “art” as he calls this kind of work, is a bit scary and if what we’re doing isn’t scary then it’s probably not the best thing we could be doing.   

Well I must be on the right track because it all feels a bit scary at the moment.

Sometimes I think I want things to be more relaxed. Calmer. But I know in reality I’d get bored after two or three days of that. What I need to do is keep working but add in proper holidays. Holidays for me.

I am glad my work is scary. Because there was a time when it wasn’t and that’s scary in a different (bad) way.

And the scary stuff stops being scary as it becomes another mastered capability and then can be replaced by new scary things.   

If we didn’t do the scary stuff we’d still be living in caves.

Do something scary.    

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