All About Me

I am different in many ways but the three that should be most important to you are –

a) Real Business Experience

I became a senior manager in a major UK plc (ICI) at the age of 32. I have been joint-owner and served on the main board of a successful SME (60 staff, eight figure turnover). I have started my own business from nothing and grown it to provide a healthy income for me and my family.

I have experienced most management and leadership challenges and I think most of my mistakes are behind me! More often than not, I can give you the advice you need and the means to make it all happen. Also, if I cannot help you, or there is someone better placed to help you, I will say so.

b) Focus on the Person

Most coaches deal with tools and techniques only. With my additional focus on positive psychology, I deal with the tools, the techniques AND the person. If you want tools and techniques only – try Google, it’s all there. And it’s free.

c) Effective Coaching Methodology

My coaching is not “what would you like to talk about today?” unfocused, fluffy nonsense. I prepare beforehand. The sessions are rigorously focused on goal-setting, the essential activities that will deliver the goals (and nothing else) and overcoming any fears or other barriers they have that are stopping them from realising more of their potential.

I follow each session with a valuable coaching note. This is real rigour and my clients benefit from it.

My clients have been kind enough to say the following –

Having worked with Mark (at Avecia) and had the benefit of subsequent training I have seen Mark operate in a variety of situations and have no doubt that Mark’s input can make a significant difference to personal performance. He’s bright, incisive, has a great range of material at his fingertips and, perhaps most importantly, is able to engage with people and get his material across. Be warned – the changes in performance that he is seeking are “not trivial” and the challenges in changing habitual working practices can appear significant but if you’re serious about improving personal performance (and the personal chemistry works) I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark. – Peter Whitehouse, IOTA NanoSolutions

I hired Mark to help me work on my Goal Setting and he has certainly given me plenty of food for thought and really helped me focus clearly on whats really important.
Until now I have generally been highly sceptical of business coaches and steered clear of them but Mark is different he has real world experience and has been there and done it.
Mark’s practical advice and programme of activities has made a real difference to my apporach to business.The results are already showing providing an early return on my investment !
I am now in discussions with Mark to roll out out his programme into the rest of the Company.
I am happy to strongly recommend Mark’s services to any Business Owner. – Richard Dawson, Choice Online

If you are serious about growing your business or yourself you must work with Mark. He pushes the boundaries and challenges every area of your development ideas. He encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone and each time you do this your confidence grows. My business has already been transformed in a matter of months and I look forward to our future journey together. – Kath Parkes, Managing Director, Kudos 07

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone looking to develop their career and find new ways to be more productive. Marks methodology moves away from short term easily forgotten coaching and concentrates on longer term specifically tailored solutions that are effective and do not eat into busy peoples schedules. – Kam Yousaf, Codework Ltd

I particularly liked how practical and directly applicable your ideas are to a small business struggling through the recession. – Julian Rosenthal, Managing Director, Property Audits Ltd

Mark’s years of commercial and business experience comes to the fore as he colours his workshops with real-life examples of what does and doesn’t work for successful business people. – Haydon Waldek, NOW Financial

Mark will introduce you to clearer ways of thinking about your work environment and will also allow you to manage your work more constructively. – Bernali Goswami – United Phosphorus

I recently attended one of Mark’s Management and Leadership Masterclass. Throughout the day Mark was enthusiastic and passionate. It was productive to spend a day thinking about the business and planning for the future. The Masterclass taught us that success is about behaviour, attitude and personal productivity. I would definitely recommend Mark if you want to reach more of your goals, hit more of your targets and be much more successful. –Diane Atkinson, Cressida



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