Thoughts on Selling Booze at the School Fair

Being a sales guy is terrifying. You can only lose. You can only leave money on the table. You can only undercharge. The buyer will not pay more than she wants (in the vast majority of cases). People think it’s the other way around. The sales person is trained and the buyer is often an […]

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Ten Life-Changing Factors We Are Not Taught at School

I am amazed at how externally focused secondary and tertiary education is. It is almost exclusively about skill and general knowledge. These are a proxy for the immeasurable factor called intelligence…but frankly a poor one. I do a wee routine with my boys when they get home from school. I say… “What did you learn […]

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woman at desk looking miserable

Are You Happy in your Work? (Or just not unhappy?)

A lot of people are not really happy at work. They find it OK at best. Tolerable. This is a poor state of affairs when we consider that we spend the best hours of five out of every seven days at work. Organisations are not bad. Often the fault is with us. We made a […]

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Who’s Bigger? You or Your Problems?

I remember when my younger son Finlay had the Mother of All Tantrums. He was about four I guess. He had been a bit glassy-eyed all day, usually the sign of a cold or something similar coming on. At around 4 o’clock I announced that we were going to the supermarket. He insisted on wearing […]

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Mo Farah’s Unreasonable Success Guide

I was on the school run when I heard Mo Farah on Radio 4 promoting his new book. Mo is a Somali-born British track and field athlete who is a bit good at the 5K and 10K. Golden medals are his. He said something very interesting at the end of his interview. Before I tell […]

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There Are Two Kinds of Perfectionism

One is good and one is bad. Bad There’s the bad kind of perfectionism. It stops you doing stuff because you’re not ready. Because what you want to do has not perfectly coalesced in your head. Because you are embarrassed to launch it; say it; be it; do it… Because you might take a hit. […]

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Is Working from Home a Scam?

First it was Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer in February this year. Now it’s Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman. They’ve banned working from home. I used to love working from home. A full day of total concentration. No interruptions. No pointless meetings. No fire extinguisher training. They were often the most tiring days I did. I worked […]

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The Top Four Ways to Shoot Yourself in the Head

I am having an absolutely rubbish week. This Pearl is a day late because of tech problems yesterday (still not fully resolved). I have just spent 20 minutes trying to book my car in for a service (Geeze I used to have people to do this for me.) My 200 Watt uplighter is producing clouds […]

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How to Manage Your Boss

I remember being on an ICI training course many moons ago. The guy taking the course was talking about relationships, self-image and that kind of stuff. He said we shouldn’t moan and groan. He’s right. He used the analogy of James Bond: James Bond doesn’t walk into M’s office at the end of a busy day fighting […]

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Practise Does Not Make Perfect

I just bought a guitar amp. My second guitar amp. I bought the first one in the eighties and sold it when I reluctantly got a job. Marshall 100 watt stack. Nice. I kept at the guitar for all these years. Just without any amplification. So I buy this 40 watt Fender amp for my […]

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