There Are Two Kinds of Perfectionism

CaptureOne is good and one is bad.


There’s the bad kind of perfectionism. It stops you doing stuff because you’re not ready. Because what you want to do has not perfectly coalesced in your head. Because you are embarrassed to launch it; say it; be it; do it… Because you might take a hit. And people might laugh at you.

This bad perfectionism is tied into fear. It is often called procrastination, and is the grim reaper of potential. Yup. Sythe to the head. You’re dead.


Good perfectionism is what we do in the long term. It’s about honing skill. Experimenting. Endless polishing. Resulting in mastery maybe, if I may be so bold.

Good perfectionism doesn’t get in the way of action. It is action. It cannot be achieved without action.

And of course it is the bad perfectionism that stops the good from even being born.

So, today…why not take that thing you’ve been perfecting and just launch it; do it; say it; present it. Then you can begin to perfect it, in the open, not in the dark.

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