Happy New Year.

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“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.”Peter Drucker

I have been working for others and now myself for a total of 21 years and 2 months. Reflection is something I am not sure I am terribly good at, not because I cannot do it, but I tend to devote insufficient time to it, due to being excessively future-focused. So I’ve been trying to make amends. I have been reflecting. Here are some conclusions. Apologies to those whose well-honed words I have mangled.
1. I believe the greatest thing ever is the human being.
2. I believe that the greatest time to be alive is right now.
3. I believe the greatest waste on earth is human potential.
4. I believe formal education does half the job it should.
5. I believe that intelligence as we perceive it is a poor proxy for ability.
6. I believe attitude is all.
7. I believe that attitude is a choice.
8. I believe that it is not ignorance that will kill me, but what I think to be true that is, in fact, false.
9. I believe integrity is measured by what I do when no one’s looking.
10. I believe that I shouldn’t do anything unless I am prepared to describe fully my motivations and desires to a child.
11. I believe that most people can achieve anything they want but most will not dare try.
12. I believe that having hand-written goals is an absolute pre-requisite my achievement.
13. I believe I must have my own plan otherwise I am doomed to be part of someone else’s plan.
14. I believe that some of my old relationships are bad for at least one of the parties involved.
15. I believe that until I master marketing, I run the risk of being a busy fool.
16. I believe the internet offers the greatest opportunity to my and most other small businesses, including those who will never sell anything through it.
17. I believe that self-management and self-leadership must come first for me.
18. I believe I have more control over myself than over anything else and I should act accordingly.
19. I believe I will leave most of my potential on the table if I don’t have a coach and mentor.
20. I believe that personal development is my duty to myself.
21. I believe that most people will spend more in a year on cafe lattes than on personal development.
22. I believe that true leaders are humble, largely because they constantly educate themselves, and this is a reminder of how little they know.
23. I believe people always do the best they can, although sometimes their best disappoints.
24. I believe satisfaction lasts longer than happiness.
25. I believe I cannot motivate anyone.
26. I believe I can inspire.
27. I believe that too many people “settle” for what’s “OK” and then lie to themselves.
28. I believe discipline hurts less than regret.
29. I believe that singing is better than dying with the song still in me.
30. I believe that 2010 will be your best ever year. You can do it.

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