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Knowledge, Action, Mindset – what to do today?

I made a woman gasp last week. I said that action was more important than knowledge. She didn’t agree. She’s in love with her knowledge. I think she widened her eyes and put her hands over her mouth. Very Am-Dram. Don’t get me wrong. We need knowledge. And action. And mindset. I was banging on […]

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What’s Your Speed Limit?

There has been some gnashing of teeth recently amongst the particle physics mob. They were sending neutrinos to each other through the earth (is that safe?) and they noticed that some of the little blighters appeared to be arriving before they should. They’re supposed to travel at the speed of light. And they’re arriving early. […]

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What! No Plan for 2012! Read This Now!

Seven working days left in January. Seven. It’s later than you think.   I do my annual planning in January because December is too busy with clients and clearing up after the long year. But there’s a danger in this. In January, after a good break, I feel a huge desire to “get back to […]

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24 Days Gone Already

So, we’re twenty four days into 2011 already. Almost February. My Mother tells me time continues to speed up as you get older. Ug! It’s already going past at 600mph. So fast that it’s difficult to keep the really important stuff at the front of the mind. So easy to switch the neck-top computer off, […]

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How To Stay Positive

Martin Seligman became President of the American Psychological Association in 1996. He made a bit of an impact straight away by telling his fellow psychologists that through their focus on illness they were missing an important point. He suggested that if they focused on what was right with people and learn how to help people […]

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£15m in 7 months?

A great story in yesterday’s Sunday Times… One Jamie True, who is 35 and nauseatingly good looking, and his 24 year old CEO Alistair Crane, are set to sell their company, Grapple Mobile, for more than £15m. They have received many unsolicited bids. The company was set up 7 months ago. They make Apps (mobile […]

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How To Define High Payoff Activities

Those of you who know me will have heard me banging on endlessly about High Payoff Activities (HPAs): the things you need to do to achieve your goals. And if you do not do them, you won’t achieve your goals. HPAs are not facilitatory or merely helpful; they are the critical, core, essential activities without […]

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How does a Dragon manage time?

Book Review How To Be Smart With Your Time – Duncan Bannatyne This is the fourth book by Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne, a man who didn’t get serious about business until he was 30, but has since spent three decades building his care home and health club empire. This book gives us Bannatyne’s spin […]

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This week’s Pearl of Leadership Wisdom is on Thinking. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein In the boardroom… “I’ve got this great idea. It’s a device you speak into and you can talk to other people who are far away. It’ll allow us […]

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This week’s Pearl of Leadership Wisdom is on…Action “You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.” – Anon Our brains are brilliant but they are also charged with our protection. We can see wonderful opportunity and possibility, but also the risks and the threats. A large part of our brain simply […]

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