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When It’s Good To Externalise

I’m forever banging on about “not externalising”. And I’m usually right to do so. It usually isn’t good to externalise – to blame events, other people or circumstances for your results. This is bad. It’s a victim mindset and leads to even more bad results. Internalising is the thing to do – asking yourself what […]

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Management – in a picture

I was looking for a picture to describe management – all of it. A bit of a tall order I know. But I Googled around a bit and here’s something that caught my eye. I really like this management skills pyramid. (Thanks to F John Reh over at http://management.about.com/) It starts at Level 1 – […]

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Getting Some Help

This week’s Pearl of Leadership Wisdom is on Getting Some Help. “The same things win. It doesn’t matter where you coach them. The game’s the same.” – Mike DuBose I have an accountant for my accounts, a golfer for my golf swing, an investor for my investments, a trader for my trades and my wife […]

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