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Marketing Control – you’ve got one, right?

Every small business should have a marketing control. What’s a marketing control? It is a reproducible means of gathering new customers where the investment and the return it produces are both known. It works constantly over time. It is reliable and always produces the same result, give or take. Then the fun starts. You try […]

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Does Buying Data Work?

I’ve often wondered about this, so I bought some. A list of 1300 senior business people, in organisations of up to 100 people, in various industry sectors, across the NorthWest. With email addresses. These people are my target market segment, for part of my business. I emailed them. I was marketing my Business Growth Workshop. […]

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Tactical Marketing

This week’s Pearl of Leadership Wisdom is on Tactical Marketing. “Advertising is the life of trade.” – Calvin Coolidge After last week’s little detour into reflection, which a lot of people seemed to like, it’s back to marketing. Two weeks ago, in the Pearl on Strategic Marketing, I discussed the need to know your target […]

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