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The Mindset of the Naked Marketer

I was so impressed with Danny Iny’s Naked Marketer Manifesto that I thought I’d make this video to help you develop the mindset required to actually become The Naked Marketer. Enjoy it. Then do it! Loading the player … Download the video here The Mindset of the Naked Marketer

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Knowledge, Action, Mindset – what to do today?

I made a woman gasp last week. I said that action was more important than knowledge. She didn’t agree. She’s in love with her knowledge. I think she widened her eyes and put her hands over her mouth. Very Am-Dram. Don’t get me wrong. We need knowledge. And action. And mindset. I was banging on […]

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What’s Your Speed Limit?

There has been some gnashing of teeth recently amongst the particle physics mob. They were sending neutrinos to each other through the earth (is that safe?) and they noticed that some of the little blighters appeared to be arriving before they should. They’re supposed to travel at the speed of light. And they’re arriving early. […]

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Mindset Matters

I might be a bit behind the curve here, but I’ve just realised something. When getting stuff done, having the greatest tools and processes is fine but if you don’t use them you might as well not have them. And to use them you need to be in control of your mind. The mental game […]

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