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Why Is Time Management So Easy For This Guy?

There’s this guy I know. I’ve known him for about 8 years. He can be a bit immature sometimes. But most of the time he’s really impressive. He finds time management, or personal productivity, really easy. For him it is not a discipline, or a chore, or any such hard work. He just flows. He […]

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Be A Blockhead

It’s amazing when you first become self-employed. There’s lots of time. The days are long. This is not because you have nothing to do. It is because you have no trivia to do. The trivia has not had a chance to build up. All the emails, voicemails, post-it notes and things on lists. I got […]

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The Greatest Question to Ask Yourself Right Now

Here’s a short and, I hope sweet, Pearl. When you’re going about your job, and you are wondering what to do next, there’s only really one question to ask yourself: What’s the most important thing I can do NOW to move closer to my goals? Now if you’ve been in my presence for more than […]

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Eight Time Management Disasters

Time management remains a perennial issue for us all. There’s too much to do and too much shiny stuff around that screams at us “look at me.” There are a million characteristics of poor time management, but here are eight of the most egregious: Having No Purpose Yes indeed…the old purpose thing. What am I […]

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How To Get More Done – Do Less

I aim to be 50% productive and usually manage it, (15% being the norm). What I mean by that is I aim to spend 50% of my time on high-payoff activities – the activities which, if neglected, will lead to goal failure. Most people are around 15% productive. Strange but true. I spent all of […]

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Management – in a picture

I was looking for a picture to describe management – all of it. A bit of a tall order I know. But I Googled around a bit and here’s something that caught my eye. I really like this management skills pyramid. (Thanks to F John Reh over at http://management.about.com/) It starts at Level 1 – […]

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Three Barriers to Time Management

I’m always banging on about personal productivity largely because I see so little of it and I know it will make the difference to your work life (and more). Further, most people I meet are not satisfied with their own personal productivity, and those I have helped love it and keep at it. So, why […]

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How does a Dragon manage time?

Book Review How To Be Smart With Your Time – Duncan Bannatyne This is the fourth book by Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne, a man who didn’t get serious about business until he was 30, but has since spent three decades building his care home and health club empire. This book gives us Bannatyne’s spin […]

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Time Management for Dummies

This week’s Pearl of Leadership Wisdom is on… Time Management for Dummies Write lists… You must have lists. With everything on them – everything. Work through your lists constantly and try to score out more than you add on. You must… …become obsessed with your tasks. Get through the small stuff first, to clear the […]

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