The Most Important Thing to Say to Yourself Right Now is…

responsible2The Most Important Thing to Say to Yourself Right Now is…

“I am responsible.”

And act accordingly.

Why is this simple statement so powerful?

Because it’s a nuclear bomb dropped on everything that will hold you back.


No barrier you will ever face can survive the deployment of these three words:

“I am responsible.”

Let’s have a go…“I am responsible for…

…how great my results are.”

…my happiness.”

…whether my feelings help me or hinder me.”

…getting my message across to the big boss I am trepidacious of.”

…showing trust to others despite my (unrelated) bad experiences.”

…deciding which of me or my problems is the bigger.”

…all the actions I ever take on anything ever.”

…how good my relationships are.”

…being commited.”

…being motivated.”

…accepting that in any given situation I may never get what I want and therefore I am further responsible for cutting my losses and moving on.”

…having the difficult conversation that will take the relationship to a new level.”

…having the spine to apologise.”

…the expression on my face.”

…what I do when no one is looking as well as when they are.”

…my situation in all its elements.”

…how calm I feel.”

…not hiding my lack of certainly; not hiding my vulnerability.”

…being a team player when it’s a team game we’re playing.”

…my frustration.”

…my high performance.”

…my product.”

…my purpose.”

…my goals.”

I feel better already.

Take action on these statements and you are golden.

I know you know someone who will baulk at these statements.

That’s a losing game.

And here’s why:

You are either self-directed or you are a cork on the ocean, going where the tide dictates.

You either have your hands on the levers of your destiny or you don’t.

Captain or passenger.

That’s the choice.

The levers of your destiny exist whether you are aware of them or not and if you don’t have your hands on your levers they are being operated by someone else.

You must grab your levers.

I am a realist.

There will be, from time to time in your life, some things you simply cannot make happen…the picture will not coalesce…the jigsaw pieces just won’t fit. The sun and stars will not align.

That’s when you reach for the big red lever marked “EJECT.”

You cut your loss and you move on.

You do not become a long term investor in a sinking ship. The Captain may be last off the ship but she still gets off the ship. There are no prizes for needless self-sacrifice in our culture.  

There is always a choice. There is always a lever.

I am responsible.

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