Knowledge, Action, Mindset – what to do today?

image of golden aggI made a woman gasp last week.

I said that action was more important than knowledge. She didn’t agree. She’s in love with her knowledge. I think she widened her eyes and put her hands over her mouth.

Very Am-Dram.

Don’t get me wrong. We need knowledge. And action. And mindset. I was banging on about all this only last week.  

I’m a big fan of knowledge. I know stuff you wouldn’t believe. I’ve got three degrees. I keep them in cardboard tubes in the basement. Not The Three Degrees. That would be…difficult to explain to the police. Although I’m warming to it as I think of it…

Me: “Sing it ladies!”

The Three Degrees: “When will I see you again…when will we share precious moments…”

That’s proper music that is.  

But on a day-to-day basis…

we need to favour action over knowledge and mindset. (Mindset is ultimately the most important thing in your life, but TODAY, it is action).  

The only thing in the world that ever did anything for anybody is action. As soon as we have enough knowledge to act – we must act!

Get the wheels moving.

Don’t worry about not knowing everything. Don’t worry about the mindset – we are probably nowhere near our speed limit until we’ve been taking massive action for at least three months.

We need to get the wheels moving as soon as we have enough knowledge to act on.  

Too much…

With more knowledge than we are delivering, we’re being too brainy.

With too much focus on our mindset we’re moving to Germany for the autoban before we have even learned to drive.  

A lot of people…

…are in love with their knowledge. But knowledge for knowledge’s sake – knowledge that is not applied, is a hobby. Which is fine but that’s not a business activity.

A lot of people work on mindset and gain an ever deeper understanding of how they are limited (this is creating yet more knowledge) but seldom take action to overcome their limitations. This is probably a masochistic fetish 😉

Three things…

For the woman who gasped…I explained that we need all three things–

  • Knowledge
  • Action
  • Mindset…

…but we need to spend 95% of our time on action.

Our knowledge just needs to be slightly ahead of what we preach. Our speed limit (mindset) just needs to be slightly above the speed we’re going at. Both are ongoing life-projects…they never end.

But without action…

We’re just playing…

…a beautifully laid table without the chef.

…a party without guests.

…a house without the home.

Don’t do that..!

I know self-employed coaches who have spent two years (!!!!) writing the perfect coaching programme. Perfect for whom? This is a displacement activity. It’s procrastination. It’s fear of failure.

I know a legion of small business people who have to get the website right, word-smith the brochure, find an office, interview associates…anything but do the damn job.


Wrong, wrong, wrong.

You need to:

a) Understand your value

b) Understand who would like to buy your value

c) Find a way to get to them

d) Sell to them

e) Deliver your value to them

Repeat…c) to e)

Repeat…c) to e)

Repeat…c) to e)

Get your engine running…

Then, once this is up and running and moving you forward…add new knowledge in your core expertise, your business operations, your whatever. Do this in spurts. Take a few weeks off and enhance your knowledge.

Don’t enhance your knowledge this morning just because it’s easier than making that difficult phone call.

Work on your mindset all the time, because not only will it raise your speed-limit, it will make today just so much easier. But do c) to e) first.  

Spend the biggest part of your time on action.

I may have been misunderstood…

Although I am a huge fan of goals, I feel I may not have made it clear why they are so important.

Their primary use is that they spawn high-payoff activities (HPAs) – the things we do to achieve the goal.

It’s the eggs stupid…

Goals are the goose.

The goose lays golden eggs – HPAs.

It’s the eggs that are important.

A year working diligently on HPAs will yield a huge amount more for you than a year spent without HPAs, regardless of whether you actually hit the goal or not.

The goose (goal) doesn’t matter.

It’s the eggs (action) that matter.

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4 Responses to Knowledge, Action, Mindset – what to do today?

  1. Chris Parrack April 2, 2012 at 8:57 am #

    Very Seggacious!

    • Mark Nugent April 2, 2012 at 9:11 am #

      That’s the nicest thing that’s been said to me all week. 😉 Mark

  2. Richard Hamshire April 2, 2012 at 9:30 am #

    Thanks, that’s really helped me think more clearly about stuff.

    • Mark Nugent April 2, 2012 at 9:51 am #

      You are welcome. That’s what I’m here for.
      You have a great website by the way. Love it.

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