Who I Work With

I work primarily with SME business owners and their senior teams. In addition, I have significant experience with senior managers in international public companies as well as with CEOs and senior teams in the third sector.

My clients are successful people and like all such people see their own self-development as central to their success. They understand that coaching has a significant role to play in their continued high performance and the realisation of more of their potential.

Typical coaching programmes I have delivered include –

  • Helping a business owner spend more time managing tomorrow and his senior team to spend more time managing today.
  • Assisting two joint business owners in expanding their business through more effective marketing.
  • Helping a business owner rekindle his motivation after a long and very successful career.
  • Helping a third sector CEO and senior team to adjust to the new environment of reduced funding. This involved a host of activity from strategy formulation to skills training.
  • Working closely with a CEO on business plan development.
  • Helping a team of senior managers to significantly enhance their personal productivity through a focus on critical activities, managing distraction and the role of a winning mindset.
  • Helping a senior manager develop real motivation in his team.
  • Equipping three senior managers with the means to deliver high performance through their teams.

I deal with all these issue from the point of view of helping my clients with the tools, techniques and psychology required to consistently and effectively take the actions that will deliver their success.

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  1. Dave Verburg January 9, 2012 at 8:14 am #

    I have been the beneficiary of Marks skills and can whole heartedly recommend Mark as a top quality coach. Mark was able to bring his many years of experience, his learned and developed skills to help the organisation I was working for successfully negotiate change in a very difficult sector. The man knows his stuff!

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