Who’s Stealing Your Energy?

The energy you have to spend on what you want to do today and in the future is the total energy you generate minus the amount that’s lost to the dreaded energy suckers.

Let’s start on the supply side…

You do generate energy, quite literally. Of course we are not aware of this happening so we don’t think of it that way. But it’s true. Most of us have more energy than we need. It just doesn’t always feel that way.

Let’s look at the demand side…

Like some massive octopus in a schlock sci-fi film, energy attracts suckers. Energy suckers swarm all around you in a feeding frenzy and they will leave you with nothing if they can, because there’s another just like you around the corner.

The energy suckers take many forms.

Here are just some of them –

1. Bad Environment

Too noisy, too hot, too cold, too light, too dark, bad feng shui (don’t laugh – who likes sitting with their back to the door?)

I once had a client who said of one of her charges “she’s easily distracted”. She worked in an entirely open plan office with no baffles and 75 people standing up doing telesales. Easily distracted! She’d need to be comatose not to be distracted.

Get your “area” sorted.

2. Bad Relationships

Continuing to deal with people who don’t play the game fairly: who are aggressive, passive aggressive or passive. People who don’t have their Mum in the office, so they use you as a surrogate. People who wish to cast you as a major player in whatever mini-psycho drama consumes them this week.

The greatest things you will come across in this life are people, but not all of them. Some, I’m afraid, do not live up to the billing.

Kiss them good bye.

3. Bad Self-Management

Big no-no. From pretending you have goals to only doing what you like; the list of possible self-management failures is long, long, long. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result – madness as Einstein said. Fearing failure whilst understanding that fear of failure guarantees failure.

As Steve Jobs said (before he knew of his final illness) – “we are all going to die, so what is it you’re scared of losing?”

Manage thyself!

4. Bad Management

Not treating management as a skill to be learned (the real British disease).

I used to do chemistry. I’d make molecules. Sometimes I’d turn A into B into C into D….all the way to L (I think the longest piece of synthesis I did was 12 steps). If you do each step 80% optimally (which is very, very respectable in chemistry), what percentage of the potential end yield do you end up with?

Answer: 6.9%.

That’s 93.1% of your potential down the pan.

Management is different but I hope you get my point.

Coarsely speaking in my world: RB x RS x RO = RF

(Rubbish Prospecting x Rubbish Selling x Rubbish Operations = Rubbish Life)

Get educated.

5. Rubbish Staff

If you have rubbish staff it’s your fault. They are the product of your management. The only exception is where you have a bad apple. But if they’re still around – it’s your fault. Key message – it’s your fault and when it isn’t, it’s still your fault.

6. Not saying “No”

Do not prioritise helping others ahead of turning your own goals into past achievements unless they are paying your bills or dealing with some other fundamental need that keeps you perky and…balanced. Even then…

7. Perfectionism…

…is simply fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of what you should really be doing and/or self indulgence dressed up in a Versace suit pretending to be a virtue.

Unmask this imposter before he has his way with you.

8. Being a Monkey Magnet

Perhaps the most nefarious example of 4 and 6 above. Someone else’s problem (monkey) is seldom yours. Make sure their monkeys remain firmly on their back.

9. Not eating frogs

Do the worst thing you have to do today first. If you have to eat a frog, eat it. Eat it first.

If you don’t, it will gorge on your energy all day, making it bigger, and you still must eat it.

10. Failing to define the next step

If something’s on your mind and bothering you it’s probably because you have not defined the next thing to do; the next step. So this thing sits there poking you in the ribs every ten minutes until you address it.

So address it.

There’s more…being a pessimist…watching TV…I could go on. And on.

Most of us have huge amounts of energy but it’s a precious thing and massive sci-fi octopi in their myriad guises will steal it from us if we let them.

So don’t let them.

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